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The Art Of Camera Tossing

Welcome and discover the fascinating World Of Camera Tossing.


What is Camera Tossing?  A Camera Toss photo is made by tossing your camera into the air. "Tossing? Are you crazy?" - Maybe, yes... ;-) The camera is not necessarily tossed very high into the air. Normally you toss the camera about 10 to 20 cm high, sometimes even less. As a subject are mainly used any kind of lights sources like neon signs, TV screens, computer monitors and and...


Are you curious now? Have fun and discover the World Of Camera Tossing.

And if you ever want to try Camera Tossing don’t forget one very important thing: Catch your camera after the toss!



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Dual Camera Toss


A had a new idea the "Dual Camera Toss".

A few days ago and after a discussion about Camera Toss as a 3D model I had the idea what will will happen if I toss 2 cameras synchronously.


Read more about that idea here

 Dual Camera Toss Idea

Dual camera toss



Camera Tossing Workshop at the Festival della Creativita


A camera toss workshop was held during the Festival della Creativita in Italy. Ryan Gallagher hosted the workshop in Italy, unfortunately I wasn't able to be there..


You can take a look at the results of the workshop here: Camera Toss: A Workshop

Read more about the workshop here