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My name is Jens Ludwig, 32 years old and I live near the Lake of Constance in Radolfzell-Güttingen, Germany. I work as a programmer for a internet company.


Before 2006 I haven’t heard anything about camera tossing not even thought about doing something like that. In February 2006 I saw a TV show about Ryan Gallagher’s exhibition in Hamburg. I was so fascinated about that kind of taking photos and while I watched this TV show I took my camera and tried the technique. Well, ok the first tries were hmmm... let’s say totally overexposed… you could see nothing on the images...  but after a few more tries I got some suitable results.

 My first camera toss

Two of my first camera toss photos

I played some hours with the camera toss technique and then I was totally addicted to this kind of photography. The fascinating thing about camera tossing is you have a simple light source and you can produce with a simple toss a beautiful image with great patterns and traces of light. 


I always experiment with different light sources and combinations. One of my favorite light sources are reflections of light from CD’s. Mostly I try to capture the whole color spectrum of the reflected light or use something like colored light to colorize the color spectrum.

 Camera Toss CD reflection
 Camera Toss CD reflection
 Camera Toss CD reflection

Examples of Camera Toss CD reflections


Another one of my favorite light sources are computer monitors. You simple paint some straight lines, 2 or three, in one color or different colors and toss the camera in front of the monitor. The result you get is totally amazing, the lines on the monitor are formed to something totally different as you see on the monitor.


Since 2006 when I started camera tossing some of my photos were also published in different magazines. You can take a look at them here.


You can find my whole camera toss work on flickr