Camera Toss photography by Jens Ludwig / QuakkauQ

Dual Camera Toss



A few days ago and after a discussion about Camera Toss as a 3D model I had the idea what will will happen if I toss 2 cameras synchronously. The goal of this idea was to produce image from a different view, like if you watch it with your own eyes.

For this project I used two of my cameras: 1. Nikon L10 2. Sony DSC P8 and I taped the cameras side by side on a small plank.

Ok, the dual camera was ready, now how to press the trigger on both simultaneously?


I had two options:


First: Use the Self-Timer

Second: push both triggers manually and simultaneously


First I tried the Self-Timer method, but due to the fact that the cameras are of different model there was the problem to start the Self-Timer on both cameras at the same time. I played a while with both cameras and I almost got i, but there was sometime a delay so the image of one camera was taken a little bit earlier the other image. So I tried the second option "push the triggers manually and simutaneously". First I pushed the trigger on both cameras half the way so both can set the focus and the metering, then I pusheded the triggers to take a image as normal and while I pushed the trigger I started tossing the dual camera device into the air.

 Dual camera dive - Camera Toss

Dual camera device


Here are some results of the toss session

 Dual Camera Toss image

Dual Camera Toss 1

 Dual Camera Toss image

Dual Camera Toss 2


Will play more with this dual camera device. More about that later :-)